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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:



Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

*dying from laughter*

the animated film process as told by gifs (personal story and not at all globally accurate)

so you’re making a film.

the first thing you do is brainstorm.

and at first you have some pretty deep ideas, so you write em down.

then your prof or boss or person-with-da-money comes along and is like “how you gonna do this exactly?” and you’re like “don’t worry about it, we got this”

so then you start making concept art and drawings and it all looks pretty snazzy and everyone’s like “whoa you got some awesome stuff right there” and your team’s like “aw shucks”

so then they’re all fired up and the process starts, mainly with turning the concept art into models or what have you and then starting to develop some of the more difficult software/shaders/programs/scripts that’s gonna make your film awesomely different from the rest (ya know, besides your deep script) and your prof/boss/person-with-da-cha-ching goes “maybe you should plan out your schedule a little more—I’m worried”

so then you start organizing everything and the novelty of the new work is starting to wear off and your team’s like

so you take a small break, maybe a team bonding thingy, and then you’re all fired up again. by this point you maybe even have the rigs started/almost done/done-skies and your prof/boss/moneybags checks in like “whoa dudes this doesn’t look anything like you said it would” and you’re like

and promise them things will change for the better. while you’re saying all this you show them all the new stuff you’ve come up with that will make your life easier and they say “alright cool but can you do this and this and that and this for me by next week” and your team’s all like

so then you freak out and try to get stuff done by the new deadline and by the end of that the big guy is like “ok I guess it’s fine for now” and your team’s like

and then you sit back a little and breathe for, like, a day or so. and then the boss/prof/important figure comes back and goes “ya know, I’ve been thinking…” and gives you yet another deadline in the middle of your already busy pipeline but you just go “yeah we got this” and then walk back to your team like

and then give them the news and they’re like

but then you all band together in your togetherness and forge ahead into the darkness of whatever that deadline is plus the animation (which by this point you should be doing) and then problems start popping up like

and when you try to solve them it’s like

so you work and work and then the deadline comes and it’s actually a big pitch in front of lots of people in preparation for the long haul so you go up there all like “this is what’s up” and all your colleagues come up to you afterwards and are like

and your team is silently behind you going

so then it’s back to the grind and, hey! you’ve got a week left and lookie there you’re super behind because of all the extra deadlines so then you and your team abandon all hope of hygiene and sleep and work your tails off finishing the film, which by the time the film’s due you’re all like

but you’ve still got the premiere and the critiques to sit through so you do and you go up on stage and do your stuff and sit down and everybody watches it and in the end a couple of people come up to you and are like “yeah man I really liked that one scene where your character did this and that” and because that was the easiest scene and the one that you didn’t spend as much time on your team’s like

but you smile politely and are like “why thank you very much kind sir” and move on and some other people come up and are like “I liked the such and such but could you tweak the particles to be more flowy?” and your particle person is in the background thinking things like

but you smile and nod away the well-meaning person and move on with life. then of course the film isn’t hyped/received as well as you think it should (because none of them were there when you ran into all those issues) so in the end your team is all like

but then the big boss comes up to you and is like “I really really liked your film, and I really wanted it to go up into the big arena, but I was voted down by all the other big bosses, and I hope you’re not mad at me or anything” and you’re like “no, no, we’re not mad, we’re just extremely disappointed. maybe next time, eh?” and then you trololol away like

and the boss doesn’t know whether you were serious or kidding and chooses to let you gorge yourselves on sleep and chocolate before they come back and ask you to change stuff.


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